The Flash Himself Confirms FLASHPOINT!


Fans of The Flash received an bit of news early when Grant Gustin, TV’s Flash himself, revealed to us the title of the first episode of Season 3:

Reader’s of the comic book, or viewers of the amazing animated special, may wonder what this means. FLASHPOINT was originally the birth of The New 52 (until REBIRTH, that is) and is the thing that altered the fabric of DC continuity. Grant was nice enough to expand a little further:

As a fan I have to say that I can’t wait to see how this plays out considering The CW’s The Flash wasbuilt on the very backbone of the Flashpoint concept. Season 1 starts with The Reverse Flash mortally wounding Barry’s mother, Nora, and setting the wheels in motion for a Flashpoint-type.


Will the actions of The Flash bring Supergirl into The CW Berlanti DC Universe now that she's switched channels?

Will the actions of The Flash bring Supergirl into The CW Berlanti DC Universe now that she’s switched channels?

Of the many questions that this Flashpoint may answer (How does Captain Cold return, for example?) the one that may be on peoples minds is if the actions of The Flash will be the thing that helps bring Supergirl into The CW/Berlanti/DC TV universe? During the first season of Supergirl we were treated to the episode “Worlds Finest” where The Flash, when testing out his new speedy tachyon manipulator, crossed dimensions into the world of Supergirl. We’ve already heard through the grapevine that The CW will continue the cross-over tradition into the next broadcast season with characters from all of the Berlanti shows crossing-over into all of the other shows. This would be a lot easier if Supergirl were in the same dimension.

We will all have to wait until Tuesday, October 3rd when The Flash makes its season 3 premiere on The CW.

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