The Cheerio Challenge is Child Abuse!

Stacking Cheerios: Cool or Cruel?

Parents are a strange lot that come up with strange things and it seems like the latest involves the tiny Cheerio and sleeping children!

Patrick Quinn, a co-founder of the web site Life of Dad, was pinned down one day by his sleeping 3 week-old with nothing to do. His older son left behind a bowl of Cheerios and Quinn was inspired to stack the Whole Grain O’s on his newborn’s face. He posted the image of his oat-stacked son to Life of Dad and came up with the hashtag #CheerioChallenge. This all happened around June 16th, just in time for Father’s Day. Shortly after the #CheerioChallenge was born the Internet discovered it and lost their cereal stacking minds!

This really isn’t abuse but you can definitely feel sorry for these wee ones who have no idea what their parents are up to. I won’t even get into the madness this activity represent since it violates rule #1: NEVER WAKE A SLEEPING BABY!

Even POTUS is Stacking Cheerios!

One of the most noteworthy things about the Cheerio Challenge is its popularity has gone all the way to the White House. It seems like President Obama is stacking Cheerios in a bid to get people out to register this voting year.

Now that we’ve seen the President of the United States stacking Cheerios we’re willing to bet that the craze will fizzle out now faster than you can say Chewbacca Mask Lady.

In conclusion, this Twitter user summed it up best:

The Cheerio Challenge was mentioned on NetHeads #215.

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