176: Thank You, Mr. Nimoy

In which the NetHeads discuss the loss of the beloved Leonard Nimoy, Parks & Recreation, and all the while one of them is on Daddy Duty.

** Special side note: There’s a point in this show, and even though I haven’t reheard it yet I think it’s pretty obvious that I was looking at the baby and totally missed what Trent says, because my follow-up can’t possibly make any sense. Have fun trying to find that spot. -Will **

171: ThatMan Returns

In which Scott Holden from ThatMan on Fatman answers the call when the ThatMan Signal is lit and Trent is taking a nap.

From Will: This was an interesting show because it was one of the few times we’ve called in a guest host at the last minute. This doesn’t happen very often but Scott had just made a tweet a few moments prior and Trent wasn’t available so rather than scrapping this one I pushed on thanks to Scott saying yes.

Here’s my notes while listening back to this show with time code reference so you know what I’m talking about:

00:00:54 – Start of the intro that I had to replace from the LIVE recording because we were talking over it.

00:01:20 – I had watched the Michael Shannon reading of the sorority letter earlier in the day and knew with some clever editing I could take out the word “email” so he just says “because this is going to be a rough fu@king ride…”

00:02:10 – I mention jiggling a cable, which you of course can’t see. It’s the XLR cable going from mic to mixer. My audio level is also too hot.

00:02:55 – Does anyone really care that I got rid of crap I didn’t want on Craig’s List?

00:03:35 – It’s nice that I tell people YAK-BET-9020 yet don’t say (925) 238-9020. I hate when I have to figure out which letters correspond to the numbers on the dial pad.

00:04:23 – Apparently I have a fear of being interrogated by someone brandishing a red-hot fire poker.

00:05:21 – First mention of the NYC Pod Fest.

00:05:48 – Need to take note of the mention that Ernie O’Donnell and Mike Bellicose are good together on a podcast.

00:06:41 – There’s that damned cable messing up again.

00:07:14 – I admit I got a little lost in the description of how we got from Jerry Reed to David Mannheim doing the ThatMan on Fat Man theme at the live show.

00:09:01 – I loved it when Scott said, “We’ll find our own voice…” since it is a term I’ve used before.

00:11:47 – Someone will figure out how to pay-for-play podcasts, even though Kinda Funny has an interesting model of subscribing to their Patreon account to get things earlier than the general population.

00:13:23 – I chose who I chose here because of the way his exclusive content helped build a failing service into a powerhouse.

00:14:49 – Dangerous topic given the fact that they are an advertiser on other shows? Only time will tell.

00:16:10 – Retread of last week’s content: a NetHeads signature.

00:16:36 – Why does it take me so many words to say I want to have a universal content license for a piece of digital content I buy?

00:17:32 – Again, I’m clear as mud. I want to see Google have a podcast repository to try to rival iTunes as well as have an Android resident Google Podcast aggregation app.

00:19:30 – I start to rant about the things I’m currently having to deal with. Want to know more? See this.

00:20:40 – Techno-babble alert.

00:21:00 – I’m going to be testing the iTunes New URL field/tag in moving the NetHeads RSS next.

00:21:38 – Again, I’m not very clear here.This may explain it better than I’m trying to say here.

00:23:19 – Considered cutting this because I don’t want to dispearage our content partner.

00:23:31 – I don’t really like talking about my SModCo work on the pod, I can’t tell you why. I guess I want the pod to stand on its own from the work I get to do.

00:24:21 – Nice attempt to recover, Will.

00:25:22 – Wow, suddenly I turn a simple acquisition into some type of paranoid conspiracy theory and equate Linux users to hippies. What the heck was I thinking?

00:26:15 – D-Link made the Boxee Box

00:27:00 – I don’t know that Apple will ever actually port apps to other platforms. I really think that they should, though.

00:27:54 – We get it, Will. You have a bunch of techno-crap and you’re thinking of getting an iWatch. Thanks for letting us know.

00:29:00 – Cloud based integration is great and all… until someone has a data breach.

00:29:53 – ThatMan uses Firefox. I prefer Chrome. Safari on Mac is OK but not my main choice. I also love having multiple browsers on one machine for both testing and account management purposes.

00:30:49 – Someone should isolate this Carmen San Diego theme rip-off and put it to music.

00:31:22 – “I tug, I tug… POP.” Yes, I really said this. I am sure it will come back to haunt me on a remix one day.

00:32:05 – Comparing being off-topic to an Ozzie Osbourne song.

00:32:39 – This is where I want them to integrate podcasts to: Music on Google Play

00:33:15 – Wow, I’m awfully passionate about this.

00:33:40 – This reference of fear was in relation to Microsoft’s realization that Netscape could become a platform and not just a browser. I was able to attend a talk/presentation by Bill Gates around the release of Internet Explorer 3.0.

00:34:24 – “Tell ‘Em Steve-Will” – Ryan Connolly

00:35:10 – I found out my wife used her phone to stream NetHeads live through the car stereo during this show, just to see if she could.

00:36:40 – Not sure it is fair to say I missed the point here or not.

00:37:23 – I love how complex I make this when we just need integration with the GPS system on the phone to disable features when the phone moves at a certain speed like Scott mentions in a few minutes.

00:38:10 – I stand behind this statement. It is illegal in California to be texting or holding a cell phone in the car and I see people using their phones in the car all the time.

00:39:00 – Scott actually did answer this question off air here.

00:40:52 – Wow, totally ignored Scott saying he was willing to sign-up for co-hosting duties. Not intentional, sir.

00:42:11 – I imagine everyone looking at their watches five minutes after each NetHeads starts.

00:44:28 – Virtual Trent reminds us to go to smodcast.com

00:46:12 – Still bums me out to know that Taylor Negron won’t be making any other surprise guest appearances anywhere.

00:46:54 – Risky Business? Really, Will? You watched Fast Times at Ridgemont High at least 20 times when it came out on home video.

00:48:16 – Waking from the American Dream #25

00:48:40 – Bagged & Boarded #77

00:48:56 – twitter.com/thatmanonfatman

00:49:25 – APartOfHim.com/Support

00:49:30 – OneMoreWilkins.com or just right here on this site.

00:52:23 – I accidentally cut this commercial short, yet it comes off as a complete commercial. I’m starting to think that this commercial is as good as two commercials in one.

00:52:59 – … and I had to do more post-production work on this show than I’d like to admit.

Thanks for following along. – Will